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The Walk Home

It was in 2009 in Iceland during one of these deep dark nights in winter. My husband and I were going back home from Hlemmur to Stórholt, for those who know the area of Reykjavik. Very nice, cold evening. All of a sudden 3 white lights appeared in the sky above us. They were blinking and dancing around, not staying on the same spot, but still within an invisible small periphery. 

We stopped walking, and observed, puzzled at what might be. Then we started walking again and... they followed us. So, we stopped again and... they hovered over us. 

We were watching Ancient Aliens on History channel at that time. We were completely captivated. Immediately we thought of a UFO. We finally started walking again and the same scenario occurred, actually 3 times.

But, as we were fascinated by all this subject, we had been watching a movie based on true events, a man abducted by the greys. It was a VERY negative movie.

So I got scared, we ran home. They followed us, up to our house, in the back garden where the entrance of our flat was.

How stupid. Now that I have more knowledge I realize that we missed the opportunity to get in contact with them. I regret it so much with all my heart. 

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